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​Cleaning behind and under or behind your refrigerator can save the life of it for years to come before. Caution before doing this always unplug your refrigerator for safety. 

Cleaning Your Heating and Ac Filter Can Save The life of your unit and cut down on dust and allergies. Filters come in many sizes so always check the size of  your filter so that fits correctly.   Always check back for new tips and tricks. 

Incandescent Light Bulb

You can save Hundreds a year buy doing a simple upgrade. All you have to do is simply change. That's changing your light bulbs form a standard bulb to an LED type light bulbs. Now that's a bright ideal saving $, money, could never be so easy. Also LED bulbs are safer and can last up to 10 times longer that a conventional bulb so start saving today.

LED Light Bulb